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Operational Use of WFO-ADVANCED at The Denver Wsfo


The Forecast Systems Laboratory (FSL) has been developing a new hydrometeorological workstation/system, WFO-Advanced (MacDonald and Wakefield, 1996), over the past four years. The system was first formally evaluated by meteorologists from FSL and operational forecasters from the National Weather Service (NWS) in a pseudo operational environment in late 1995 (RT95). Results from RT95 indicated that the WFO-Advanced was nearly ready for operational use (Roberts et al., 1996). Since then, development of WFO-Advanced continued based on the findings from this initial test. In May 1996 FSL began deployment of WFO-Advanced to the Denver NWS Forecast Office (WSFO) for operational testing. Two workstations were initially deployed in order to identify problems associated with operating at a location outside FSL using operational data feeds for satellite, numerical models, text, and the WSR-88D radar. Later, two more workstations were installed so that all of the staff in operational positions at the WSFO could use WFO-Advanced workstations. It is expected that WFO-Advanced will fully replace the current operational system (DARE) in the near future. FSL is evaluating aspects of the deployment to Denver and forecasters' impressions of WFO-Advanced during installation and initial operational use. These evaluations will provide the NWS with information relevant to future deployment of AWIPS operational systems.

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February 02, 1997

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13th Int. Conf. on Interactive Information and Processing Systems for Meteorology, Oceanography, and
American Meteorological Society
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