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A Two-dimensional Composite Grid Numerical Model Based On The Reduced System For Oceanography


The proper mathematical limit of a hyperbolic system with multiple time scales, the reduced system, is a system that contains no high-frequency motions and is well posed if suitable boundary conditions are chosen for the initial-boundary value problem. The composite grid method, a robust and efficient grid-generation technique that smoothly and accurately treats general irregular boundaries, is used to approximate the two-dimensional version of the reduced system for oceanography on irregular ocean basins. A change-of-variable technique that substantially increases the accuracy of the model and a method for efficiently solving the elliptic equation for the geopotential are discussed. Numerical results are presented for circular and kidney-shaped basins by using a set of analytic solutions constructed in this paper.

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Siam Journal On Scientific Computing
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January 01, 1996
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Siam Publications
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