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GNSS Observations of Deep Convective Time Scales In The Amazon


In the tropics, understanding the shallow-to-deep transition and organization of convection on the mesoscale is made difficult due the paucity of long-term high spatial/temporal resolution data. In this paper, data from the world's first long-term equatorial Global Navigational Satellite System meteorological station in Manaus (Central Amazon) is used to create a new metric, a water vapor convergence time scale, to characterize the temporal evolution of deep convection over a tropical continental region. From 3.5?years of data, 320 convective events were analyzed using a compositing analysis. Results reveal two characteristic time scales of water vapor convergence; an 8?h time scale of weak convergence and 4?h timescale of intense water vapor convergence associated with the shallow-to-deep convection transition. The 4?h shallow-to-deep transition time scale is particularly robust, regardless of convective intensity, seasonality, or nocturnal versus daytime convection. This new result provides a useful metric for both high resolution and global climate models to replicate.

Article / Publication Data
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Accepted On
May 16, 2013
Fiscal Year
Publication Name
Geophys. Res. Lett.
Published On
June 01, 2013
Final Online Publication On
June 01, 2013
Publisher Name
Amer Geophysical Union
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Submitted On
April 05, 2013


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