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An Update of Cira’s GOES-R and Jpss Proving Ground NWS Interactions


CIRA (Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere) has been an active participant in the GOES-R Proving Ground since 2008, and more recently in the JPSS Proving Ground as well. The goal of the Proving Grounds is to prepare operational forecasters for the many new products that will be available when the first of the GOES-R satellites is launched in late 2015 or early 2016, and from the JPSS (Joint Polar Satellite System) satellites (one of which has already been launched, the Suomi NPP). The Proving Ground also gives forecasters the chance to provide feedback on these new products before they become operational, and by doing so impact the very products that they will use in the future. This includes providing feedback and input on training that will be needed for the operational community. CIRA works with the National Centers and over 35 NWS WFOs to demonstrate Proving Ground products. This poster will give an overview and update on the various CIRA GOES-R and JPSS Proving Ground activities. CIRA is involved in a wide range of products and continues to develop new products that can be useful now to operational forecast operations, as well as to demonstrate the capabilities of the new satellites. Emphasis will be placed on highlights over the last year and some of the issues that forecasters have discussed, as well as challenges with evaluation of products and developing training for forecasters.

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National Weather Association 39th Annual Meeting
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October 01, 2014

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NWA Annual Meeting
National Weather Association


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