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Hazard Information Services Vision


Currently, National Weather Service forecasters use three separate software tools to issue warnings: WarnGen for short-fused hazards, the Graphical Hazards Generator for long-fused hazards, and RiverPro for hydrological hazards. Hazard Information Services (formerly called The Next Generation Warning Tool -- NGWT) is a challenging endeavour which seeks to integrate these disparate tools while simultaneously transitioning the National Weather Service (NWS) Hazard Program from a paradigm of issuing products to one of decision support. In October 2009, a workshop was attended by the diverse set of stakeholders in this enterprise -- end users (emergency managers, private sector...), social scientists (WAS*IS / SSWIM members), operational weather forecasters, software designers and developers, and program managers from diverse organizations across NOAA and the private sector. There is innovation and challenge in bringing all stakeholders together in one room to represent each of their interests; the scope is broad, but the reward is a design that encompasses the full range of requirements. The goals of the workshop were to refine the set of requirements and design as well as foster social learning through group problem-solving with the full spectrum of stakeholders. Understanding and appreciating all viewpoints will provide a foundation for success. We will present the resulting design and vision.

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January 01, 2010

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American Meteorological Society
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