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MM5 Derived ZWDS Compared To Observational Results From Vlbi, Gps, and WVR


Modelled values of zenith wet delay (ZWD) from the non-hydrostatic numerical weather prediction (NWP) model MM5 are compared to estimated values retrieved from observations by geodetic very long baseline interferometry (VLBI), global positioning system (GPS) receivers, and water vapour radiometers (WVRs). In addition, sparse radiosonde (RS) data are used to augment the available data sets. The comparison is done for three stations of the European geodetic VLBI network for six observing sessions during the year 1999. The stations (Madrid, Onsala, and Wettzell) were primarily chosen to have the maximum number of collocated measuring techniques. In general, the time series for the different techniques show a good agreement. The correlation values between the techniques amount to 75–95%. The RMS differences of MM5 with respect to the other techniques obtain values of ±1.3–1.6 cm. The bias between MM5 and VLBI lies at about 1.0 cm, the bias between MM5 and GPS varies in the range of 0.0–0.6 cm and appears to be station dependent.

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Accepted On
January 12, 2002
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Physics and Chemistry of The Earth, Parts A/b/c
Published On
March 01, 2002
Final Online Publication On
March 01, 2002
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