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The Contributions of The Magic Project To The Cost 716 Objectives of Assessing The Operational Potential of Ground-based GPS Meteorology On An International Scale


MAGIC (Meteorological Applications of GPS Integrated Column Water Vapor Measurements in the Western Mediterranean) is a 3 year project financed in part by the European Commission for research on deriving and validating robust GPS integrated water vapor (IWV) and zenith tropospheric delay (ZTD) data sets and developing methods to assimilate the data into numerical weather prediction models (NWP) and test their impact. It was conceived independently from the COST 716 action, which seeks to coordinate research in the domain at an international scale, but addresses some of the same objectives. This has led to a productive cooperation between the two initiatives and their participants, and motivated the decision of MAGIC participants to provide research results as part of the COST demonstration system. Currently a database of 1.5 years of ZTD data are available on the MAGIC web site which has been validated through comparisons with radiosondes which gives differences with a standard deviation of 10 mm ZTD or the equivalent error in IWV of 1.6 kg/m2. NWP assimilation tests will be carried out in the final year of the project.

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Accepted On
January 14, 2001
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Physics and Chemistry of The Earth, Part A: Solid Earth and Geodesy
Published On
January 01, 2001
Final Online Publication On
June 01, 2001
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Submitted On
August 31, 2000


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