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An Assessment of A Real-time Analysis and Its Impact On Dispersion Modeling


The height of the Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) is an important quantity for certain applications such as dispersion modeling. A dedicated two-dimensional PBL height analysis has been developed as an additional component of NCEP’s Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis. As for other meteorological analysis applications, the quality of the output is dependent on the quality of the input, including the observation. Here we assess the quality and potential for use in the PBL height analysis of a series of candidate observations, including Radiosonde Observations (RAOBS), Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS), Cooperative Agency Profilers (CAP), COSMIC satellite Radio Occultation and NWS Next-Rad radar reflectivities. The quality is assessed both by physical plausibility of the measurements and by comparison of the observations and the resulting analysis with independent observations not used in the analysis.

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print 978-94-007-1358-1/online 978-94-007-1359-8
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January 01, 2012
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Springer Netherlands


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