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Assessment of The Hires Current Icing Project (CIP) and Forecast Icing Project (FIP)


This document reports the QA PDT assessment of the High-Resolution (HiRes) Current Icing Potential (CIP) and Forecast Icing Potential (FIP) algorithms developed by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. These HiRes products are to replace the current WRF Rapid Refresh (RAP)- based CIP and FIP algorithms currently being used for operational aviation icing decisions. The HiRes CIP and FIP products have undergone a number of modifications, including: 1) an increase in horizontal and vertical resolution (from 20-km horizontal and 1000-ft vertical to 13-km horizontal and 500-ft vertical), 2) an increase in forecast leads (FIP) from 12 to 18 hours, 3) an extension of the 'scenario' approach in CIP to the probability and super-cooled large drops (SLD) fields, 4) upgrades to the cloud top height algorithm, and 5) engineering upgrades and bug fixes--Introduction. [doi:10.7289/V5/TM-OAR-GSD-50 (]

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November 01, 2013


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