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Prep-chem-src - 1.0: A Preprocessor of Trace Gas and Aerosol Emission Fields For Regional and Global Atmospheric Chemistry Models


The preprocessor PREP-CHEM-SRC presented in the paper is a comprehensive tool aiming at preparing emission fields of trace gases and aerosols for use in atmospheric-chemistry transport models. The considered emissions are from the most recent databases of urban/industrial, biogenic, biomass burning, volcanic, biofuel use and burning from agricultural waste sources. For biomass burning, emissions can be also estimated directly from satellite fire detections using a fire emission model included in the tool. The preprocessor provides emission fields interpolated onto the transport model grid. Several map projections can be chosen. The inclusion of these emissions in transport models is also presented. The preprocessor is coded using Fortran90 and C and is driven by a namelist allowing the user to choose the type of emissions and the databases

Article / Publication Data
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Accepted On
May 05, 2011
Fiscal Year
Publication Name
Geoscientific Model Development
Published On
May 01, 2011
Final Online Publication On
May 01, 2011
Publisher Name
European Geosciences Union Copernicus
Print Volume
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Submitted On
May 24, 2010


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