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An Exercise In Extending AWIPSII


The National Weather Service has contracted Raytheon to develop the next generation of AWIPS, called AWIPS II. AWIPS II, which is still under development, is based on a Services Oriented Architecture(SOA), which results in a modular, flexible and easily extensible system. In a broad sense, AWIPS II consists of two parts, EDEX and CAVE. EDEX, the Environmental Data Exchange system, is the server, while CAVE, the Common AWIPS Visualization Environment, is the Graphical User Interface(GUI). AWIPS II functionality is extensible through plug-ins. ESRL's GSD AWIPS team has developed both an EDEX plug-in to ingest and store a new dataset, and a CAVE plug-in to display the data. We used an observation dataset from the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System(MADIS), as a sample data source. This paper discusses the work that GSD did in developing and integrating the plug-ins into AWIPS II.

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January 01, 2009

This publication was presented at the following:

25th Conference on International Interactive Information and Processing Systems (IIPS) for Meteorolo
American Meteorological Society
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  • Xiangbao Jing - Not Positioned Gsl
    Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder
    NOAA/Global Systems Laboratory