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Xiangbao Jing

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Corresponding Articles: 2

Xiangbao Jing authored and/or contributed to the following articles/publications.

An Exercise in Extending AWIPSII

The National Weather Service has contracted Raytheon to develop the next generation of AWIPS, called AWIPS II. AWIPS II, which is still under development, is based on a Services Oriented Architecture(SOA), which results in a modular, flexible and easily extensible system. In a broad sense, AWIPS II consists of two parts, EDEX and CAVE. EDEX, the...

Xiangbao Jing

Absorption of Solar Radiation by Clouds: Observations Versus Models

There has been a long history of unexplained anomalous absorption of solar radiation by clouds. Collocated satellite and surface measurements of solar radiation at five geographically diverse locations showed significant solar absorption by clouds, resulting in about 25 watts per square meter more global-mean absorption by the cloudy atmosphere ...

Xiangbao Jing