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Intermittency Scaling For Mixing and Dissipation In Rotating Stratified Turbulence at The Edge of Instability


Many issues pioneered by Jackson Herring deal with how nonlinear interactions shape atmospheric dynamics. In this context, we analyze new direct numerical simulations of rotating stratified flows with a large-scale forcing, which is either random or quasi-geostrophic (QG). Runs were performed at a moderate Reynolds number 𝑅𝑒 and up to 1646 turn-over times in one case. We found intermittent fluctuations of the vertical velocity w and temperature πœƒ in a narrow domain of parameters as for decaying flows. Preliminary results indicate that parabolic relations between normalized third- and fourth-order moments of the buoyancy flux βˆβŸ¨π‘€πœƒβŸ© and of the energy dissipation emerge in this domain, including for passive and active scalars, with or without rotation. These are reminiscent of (but not identical to) previous findings for other variables and systems such as oceanic and atmospheric flows, climate re-analysis data, fusion plasmas, the Solar Wind, or galaxies. For QG forcing, sharp scaling transitions take place once the Ozmidov length scale ℓ𝑂𝑧 is resolved—ℓ𝑂𝑧 being the scale after which a turbulent Kolmogorov energy spectrum likely recovers at high 𝑅𝑒 . Keywords: rotating stratified turbulence; intermittency; dissipation; buoyancy flux; kurtosis

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Fiscal Year
Peer Reviewed
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MDPI Open Access Journals, Atmosphere
Published On
August 31, 2023
Publisher Name
MDPI Open Access Journals, Atmosphere
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Submitted On
August 09, 2023


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