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Structure and Dynamics of A Dual Bore Event During IHOP As Revealed By Remote Sensing and Numerical Simulation


The International H20 Project (IHOP_2002) offered an extensive array of ground-based and airborne remote sensing systems for producing what is probably the most complete set of observations ever collected of the evolving structure and dynamics of bores solitons, and solitary waves. Data were collected of a dual bore event on 4 June 2002 by spaced-antenna radar, FM-CW radar, S-band radar for deriving refractivity fields, interferometer, Raman lidar, Doppler lidar, aerosol backscatter lidar, and a surface mesonetwork. These data are synthesized and related to fields from a high-resolution model simulation to shed light on the structure and dynamics of the bores and associated solitary waves. This case offers the opportunity to study bore entrainment, solitary wave generation, wave dispersion, wave trapping and other processes in the evolution of the bore systems.

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January 01, 2003

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Sixth Int. Symposium on Tropospheric profiling: Needs and Technologies
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  • Mariusz Pagowski - Not Positioned Gsl
    Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado Boulder
    NOAA/Global Systems Laboratory