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F Martin. ralph

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Corresponding Articles: 3

F Martin. Ralph authored and/or contributed to the following articles/publications.

Ensemble prediction system development for hydrometeorological testbed (HMT) application

Significant precipitation events in California during the winter season are often caused by land-falling “atmospheric rivers” associated with extratropical cyclones from the Pacific Ocean. Atmospheric rivers are narrow, elongated plumes of enhanced water vapor transport over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans that can extend from the tropics and su...

F Martin. ralph

Multifunctional mesoscale observing networks

More than 120 scientists, engineers, administrators, and users met on 8-10 December 2003 in a workshop format to discuss the needs for enhanced three-dimensional mesoscale observing networks. Improved networks are seen as being critical to advancing numerical and empirical modeling for a variety of mesoscale applications, including severe weath...

F Martin. ralph

A Twenty-First-Century California Observing Network for Monitoring Extreme Weather Events

During Northern Hemisphere winters, the West Coast of North America is battered by extratropical storms. The impact of these storms is of paramount concern to California, where aging water supply and flood protection infrastructures are challenged by increased standards for urban flood protection, an unusually variable weather regime, and projec...

F Martin. ralph
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA