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Linlin Pan

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Corresponding Articles: 2

Linlin Pan authored and/or contributed to the following articles/publications.

Evaluation of Aerosol Optical Depth Forecasts from NOAA's Global Aerosol Forecast Model (GEFS-Aerosols)

Abstract The NWS/NCEP recently implemented a new global deterministic aerosol forecast model named the Global Ensemble Forecast Systems Aerosols (GEFS-Aerosols), which is based on the Finite Volume version 3 GFS (FV3GFS). It replaced the operational NOAA Environmental Modeling System (NEMS) GFS Aerosol Component version 2 (NGACv2), which was ba...

Linlin Pan
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA

A Case Study Investigating the Low Summertime CAPE Behavior in the Global Forecast System

Convective available potential energy (CAPE) is an important index for storm forecasting. Recent versions (v15.2 and v16) of the Global Forecast System (GFS) predict lower values of CAPE during summertime in the continental United States than analysis and observation. We conducted an evaluation of the GFS in simulating summertime CAPE using an e...

Linlin Pan
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA