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Michael M. French

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Corresponding Articles: 2

Michael M. French authored and/or contributed to the following articles/publications.

Dissipation Characteristics of Tornadic Vortex Signatures Associated with Long-Duration Tornadoes

Weather Surveillance Radar–1988 Doppler (WSR-88D) data from 36 tornadic supercell cases from 2012 to 2016 are investigated to identify common tornadic vortex signature (TVS) behaviors prior to tornado dissipation. Based on the results of past case studies, four characteristics of TVSs associated with tornado dissipation were identified: weak or ...

Michael M. French

Tornado Formation and Intensity Prediction Using Polarimetric Radar Estimates of Updraft Area

A sample of 198 supercells are investigated to determine if a radar proxy for the area of the storm midlevel updraft may be a skillful predictor of imminent tornado formation and/or peak tornado intensity. A novel algorithm, a modified version of the Thunderstorm Risk Estimation from Nowcasting Development via Size Sorting (TRENDSS) algorithm is...

Michael M. French
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA