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Filtered Data / Article type - Technical memo

Records Found: 11

Title Article Type Fiscal Peer Rev.
Assessment of The Hires Current Icing Project (CIP) and Forecast Icing Project (FIP)

Technical Memo 2014 NO
Community HWRF Users’ Guide V3.9a

Technical Memo 2018 NO
Assessment of The Current Icing Product (CIP) and Forecast Icing Product (FIP) Version 1.1

Technical Memo 2014 NO
Assessment of The Graphical Turbulence Guidance, Version 3 (GTG3)

Technical Memo 2014 NO
Assessment of The Graphical Turbulence Guidance, Nowcast (GTGN)

Technical Memo 2016 NO
A Survey of Selected Aviation Weather Products

Technical Memo 2012 NO
Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis For The NOAA Profiler Network

Technical Memo 2004 NO
Assessment of The Multi-radar/multi-sensor System (mrms) and The Corridor Integrated Weather System (ciws)

Technical Memo 2014 NO
Icing Product Alaska (ipa) Follow-on Assessment: Final Results

Technical Memo 2016 NO
Icing Product Alaska Diagnosis (ipa-d) Assessment

Technical Memo 2017 NO
Assessment of Graphical Turbulence Guidance, Global (gtg-g), Part 1
M.Wandishin * , J.Hart * , and M.Petty *
3 GSL Authors
Technical Memo 2018 NO