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Jordan Schnell

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Corresponding Articles: 6

Jordan Schnell authored and/or contributed to the following articles/publications.

A storyline view of the projected role of remote drivers on summer air stagnation in Europe and the United States

Storylines of atmospheric circulation change, or physically self-consistent narratives of plausible future events, have recently been proposed as a non-probabilistic means to represent uncertainties in climate change projections. Here, we apply the storyline approach to 21st century projections of summer air stagnation over Europe and the United...

Jordan Schnell

Increasing co-occurrence of fine particulate matter and ground-level ozone extremes in the western United States

ildfires and meteorological conditions influence the co-occurrence of multiple harmful air pollutants including fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and ground-level ozone. We examine the spatiotemporal characteristics of PM2.5/ozone co-occurrences and associated population exposure in the western United States (US). The frequency, spatial extent, an...

Jordan Schnell

Spatial Variation of Surface O3 Responses to Drought Over the Contiguous United States During Summertime: Role of Precursor Emissions and Ozone Chemistry

Drought is an extreme weather and climate event that has been shown to cause the worsening of ozone (O3) air pollution. Using 15-year (2005–2019) surface O3 observations and weekly US Drought Monitor (USDM) indices, this study estimated that summertime US-mean surface O3 increased by 1.47 ppb per USDM level. It is revealed that O3 responses to d...

Jordan Schnell

Characterizing Changes in Eastern U.S. Pollution Events in a Warming World

Risk assessments of air pollution impacts on human health and ecosystems would ideally consider a broad set of climate and emission scenarios, as well as natural internal climate variability. We analyze initial condition chemistry-climate ensembles to gauge the significance of greenhouse-gas-induced air pollution changes relative to internal cli...

Jordan Schnell
Institution National Center for Atmospheric Research - NCAR

Simulation of Neighborhood-Scale Air Quality With Two-Way Coupled WRF-CMAQ Over Southern Lake Michigan-Chicago Region

The southern Lake Michigan region of the United States, home to Chicago, Milwaukee, and other densely populated Midwestern cities, frequently experiences high pollutant episodes with unevenly distributed exposure and health burdens. Using the two-way coupled Weather Research Forecast and Community Multiscale Air Quality Model (WRF-CMAQ), we inve...

Jordan Schnell
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA

A simple and realistic aerosol emission approach for use in the Thompson-Eidhammer microphysics sscheme in the NOAA UFS Weather Model (version GSL global-24Feb 2022)

A physics suite under development at NOAA's Global Systems Laboratory (GSL) includes the aerosol-aware double-moment Thompson–Eidhammer microphysics (TH-E MP) scheme. This microphysics scheme uses two aerosol variables (concentrations of water-friendly aerosol (WFA) and ice-friendly aerosol (IFA) numbers) to include interactions with some of the...

Jordan Schnell
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA