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Janice L. Bytheway

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Corresponding Articles: 3

Janice L. Bytheway authored and/or contributed to the following articles/publications.

A Features-Based Assessment of the Evolution of Warm Season Precipitation Forecasts from the HRRR Model over Three Years of Development

The High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model has been the National Weather Service’s (NWS) operational rapid update model since 2014. The HRRR has undergone continual development, including updates to the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model core, the data assimilation system, and the various physics packages in order to better represe...

Janice L. Bytheway
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA

Demonstrating a Probabilistic Quantitative Precipitation Estimate for Evaluating Precipitation Forecasts in Complex Terrain

Accurate quantitative precipitation estimates (QPEs) at high spatial and temporal resolution are difficult to obtain in regions of complex terrain due to the large spatial heterogeneity of orographically enhanced precipitation, sparsity of gauges, precipitation phase variations, and terrain effects that impact the quality of remotely sensed esti...

Janice L. Bytheway
Institutions Earth System Research Laboratory - ESRL National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA

Advanced Quantitative Precipitation Information: Improving Monitoring and Forecasts of Precipitation, Streamflow, and Coastal Flooding in the San Francisco Bay Area

Advanced Quantitative Precipitation Information (AQPI) is a synergistic project that combines observations and models to improve monitoring and forecasts of precipitation, streamflow, and coastal flooding in the San Francisco Bay area. As an experimental system, AQPI leverages more than a decade of research, innovation, and implementation of a s...

Janice L. Bytheway
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA