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The Grell–freitas (gf) Convection Parameterization: Recent Developments, Extensions, and Applications


Recent developments and options in the GF (Grell and Freitas, 2014; Freitas et al., 2018) convection parameterization are presented. The parameterization has been expanded to a trimodal spectral size to simulate three convection modes: shallow, congestus, and deep. In contrast to usual entrainment and detrainment assumptions, we assume that beta functions (BFs), commonly applied to represent probability density functions (PDFs), can be used to characterize the vertical mass flux profiles for the three modes and use the BFs to derive entrainment and detrainment rates. We also added a new closure for nonequilibrium convection that improved the simulation of the diurnal cycle of convection, with a better representation of the transition from shallow to deep convection regimes over land. The transport of chemical constituents (including wet deposition) can be treated inside the GF scheme. The tracer transport is handled in flux form and is mass-conserving. Finally, the cloud microphysics have been extended to include the ice phase to simulate the conversion from liquid water to ice in updrafts with resulting additional heat release and the melting from snow to rain.

Article / Publication Data
Available Metadata
Early Online Release
April 14, 2020
Fiscal Year
Peer Reviewed
Publication Name
Geoscientific Model Development
Published On
September 02, 2021
Publisher Name
European Geosciences Union
Print Volume
Submitted On
February 04, 2020


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