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Haiqin Li

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Corresponding Articles: 7

Haiqin Li authored and/or contributed to the following articles/publications.

The Grell–Freitas (GF) convection parameterization: recent developments, extensions, and applications

Recent developments and options in the GF (Grell and Freitas, 2014; Freitas et al., 2018) convection parameterization are presented. The parameterization has been expanded to a trimodal spectral size to simulate three convection modes: shallow, congestus, and deep. In contrast to usual entrainment and detrainment assumptions, we assume that beta...

Haiqin Li
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA

The Simulation of East Asian Summer Monsoon Precipitation With a Regional Ocean-Atmosphere Coupled Model

A fully coupled regional ocean-atmosphere model was used to simulate the East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) precipitation. This coupled regional climate modeling system consists of the Regional Spectral Model (RSM) for the atmosphere and the Regional Ocean Modeling System for the ocean. The ocean and atmosphere share the same horizontal grid resol...

Haiqin Li

Historical Dynamical Downscaling for East Asia with the Atmosphere and Ocean Coupled Regional Model

The atmosphere–ocean-coupled regional downscaling system of the Regional Spectral Model for the atmosphere and the Regional Ocean Modeling System (RSM–ROMS) was used to improve the downscaling simulation accuracy, particularly of coastal areas, and a dynamical downscale of the historical global reanalysis data for the East Asian region over 2...

Haiqin Li

Santa Ana Winds of Southern California: Their Climatology, extremes and behavior spanning six and half decades

Santa Ana Winds (SAWs) are an integral feature of the regional climate of Southern California/Northern Baja California region, but their climate-scale behavior is poorly understood. In the present work, we identify SAWs in mesoscale dynamical downscaling of a global reanalysis from 1948 to 2012. Model winds are validated with anemometer observat...

Haiqin Li

The sensitivity of the regional coupled ocean-atmosphere simulations over the Intra-Americas seas to the prescribed bathymetry

This study examines the sensitivity of the coupled ocean-atmosphere climate of the Intra-Americas Seas (IAS; which includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea) and parts of the western tropical and sub-tropical Atlantic Ocean to the prescribed bathymetry in three independent multi-decadal, high-resolution (15 km grid interval), regional co...

Haiqin Li

Development and evaluation of the Aerosol Forecast Member in the National Center for Environment Prediction (NCEP)'s Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS-Aerosols v1)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s National Weather Service (NWS) is on its way to deploying various operational prediction applications using the Unified Forecast System (, last access: 18 June 2022), a community-based coupled, comprehensive Earth modeling system. An aerosol model component dev...

Haiqin Li
Institutions Earth System Research Laboratory - ESRL National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA

A simple and realistic aerosol emission approach for use in the Thompson-Eidhammer microphysics sscheme in the NOAA UFS Weather Model (version GSL global-24Feb 2022)

A physics suite under development at NOAA's Global Systems Laboratory (GSL) includes the aerosol-aware double-moment Thompson–Eidhammer microphysics (TH-E MP) scheme. This microphysics scheme uses two aerosol variables (concentrations of water-friendly aerosol (WFA) and ice-friendly aerosol (IFA) numbers) to include interactions with some of the...

Haiqin Li
Institution National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA