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Records Found: 125

Affiliation Name Partner Publications
Federal Kirk L. Holub Gsl 13
Federal Thomas J. LeFebvre Gsl 5
Federal Zoltan Toth Gsl 34
Federal seth I. gutman Gsl 34
Federal Thomas W. Schlatter Gsl 27
Federal Jennifer L. Mahoney Gsl 43
Federal John M. Brown Gsl 64
Federal daniel L. birkenheuer Gsl 15
Federal Alexander E. MacDonald Other noaa 23
Federal Isidora Jankov Gsl 22
Federal Georg A. Grell Gsl 85
Federal Ligia R. Bernardet Gsl 34
Federal Curtis R. Alexander Gsl 32
Federal Ming Hu Gsl 22
Federal F Martin. ralph Psl 3
Federal steven E. koch Nssl 62
Federal Melissa A. Petty Gsl 9
Federal susan R. sahm Gsl 10
Federal Stanley G. Benjamin Gsl 104
Federal Stephen S. Weygandt Gsl 34
Federal deszo devenyi Other 2
Federal Yuanfu Xie Gsl 18
Federal darien l. davis Gsl 5
Federal patricia miller Gsl 6
Federal Woody Roberts Gsl 12
Federal robbie hood Esrl 1
Federal allen B. white Psl 5
Federal Scott Nahman Gsl 1
Federal Paula McCaslin Gsl 9
Federal W alan. brewer Csl 8
Federal Joseph B. Olson Gsl 45
Federal u H. grote Gsl 6
Federal gregory J. frost Csl 3
Federal carl S. bullock Gsl 4
Federal Jian-Wen bao Psl 3
Federal James M. wilczak Other noaa 9
Federal Greg Pratt Gsl 6
Federal Mark W. Govett Gsl 14
Federal cecilia MIR. girz Gsl 5
Federal Jebb Q. Stewart Gsl 11
Federal Jin-Luen Lee Gsl 3
Federal Judy K. Henderson Gsl 6
Federal joan brundage Csl 1
Federal leslie B. hart Other 1
Federal Michael J. Kraus Gsl 2
Federal jerry janssen Esrl 1
Federal Eric Hackathorn Gsl 1
Federal Forrest Hobbs Gsl 0
Federal Jeff VanBuskirk Gsl 0
Federal Kenneth R. Fenton Gsl 2
Federal Matthew S. Wandishin Gsl 9
Federal Melinda C. Marquis Gsl 15
Federal Melissa Utley Gsl 0
Federal Nathan Hardin Gsl 0
Federal Penny Granville Gsl 0
Federal Shan Sun Gsl 15
Federal Shannon Johnston Gsl 0
Federal Tanja Braunagel Gsl 0
Federal Therese (Terra) T. Ladwig Gsl 7
Federal Trevor I. Alcott Gsl 11
Federal Vivian LeFebvre Gsl 0
Federal Adam Mabrouk Gsl 0
Federal Bernadette Johnson Gsl 0
Federal Cherie Adams Gsl 0
Federal Dale Perry Gsl 0
Federal Daniel Nietfeld Gsl 2
Federal DaNa Carlis Gsl 0
Federal Darrel M. Kingfield Gsl 7
Federal David (Dave) D. Turner Gsl 109
Federal David C. Dowell Gsl 29
Federal Michael D. Dettinger Other 1
Federal Timothy L. Schneider Nws 1
Federal Robert C. Cifelli Psl 3
Federal Clark W. King Psl 1
Federal Daniel J. Gottas Psl 1
Federal Kathleen O. Lantz Gml 2
Federal Tilden P. Meyers Gml 1
Federal Elizabeth N. Smith Nssl 2
Federal Daniel M. Murphy Csl 0
Federal Vijay Tallapragada Other 2
Federal Frank D. Marks Aoml 0
Federal Sundararaman G. Gopalakrishnan Other noaa 1
Federal Jeff McQueen Other 2
Federal Shobha Kondragunta Other 4
Federal Jessie C. Carman Other noaa 1
Federal Brian Gross Other 1
Federal Graham Feingold Csl 1
Federal Lisa S. Darby Psl 2
Federal Scott P. Sandberg Csl 2
Federal Sid-Ahmed Boukabara Nesdis 5
Federal Vladimir Krasnopolsky Ncep 1
Federal John E. Ten Hoeve Nws 1
Federal Kenneth S. Casey Nesdis 1
Federal Lidia Cucurull Gsl 13
Federal Qingfu Liu Other noaa 1
Federal Michael C. Coniglio Other noaa 1
Federal Adam J. Clark Other noaa 1
Federal Lori M. Bruhwiler Other noaa 1
Federal Kristin M. Calhoun Other noaa 2
Federal Dingchen Hou Other noaa 1
Federal David G. DeWitt Other noaa 1
Federal Andrew O. Langford Other noaa 3
Federal Neil A. Stuart Other noaa 1
Federal Cory Martin Other noaa 1
Federal Andrew Tangborn Other noaa 0
Federal Daryl Kleist Other noaa 1
Federal Andrew Tangborn Other noaa 1
Federal Joel Kline Other noaa 1
Federal Paul Schlatter Other noaa 1
Federal Geng Xia None 1
Federal Karen Holcomb Other noaa 1
Federal J. Erin Staples Other noaa 1
Federal Randall Nett None 1
Federal Charles Beard None 1
Federal Lyle Peterson None 1
Federal Hunter Jones None 1
Federal Michael A. Johansson None 1
Federal Pamela Heinselman Other noaa 1
Federal Patrick Burke Other noaa 1
Federal Louis Wicker Other noaa 1
Federal Adam Clark Other noaa 2
Federal John S. Kain Other noaa 1
Federal Nusrat Youssouf Other noaa 1
Federal Jacob Carley Other noaa 1
Federal Fanglin Yang Other noaa 1