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Filtered data/cires

Records Found: 126

Affiliation Name Partner Publications
CIRES Elizabeth (Betsy) C. Weatherhead Gsl 16
CIRES Christopher W. Harrop Gsl 5
CIRES Mariusz Pagowski Gsl 25
CIRES Stuart A. McKeen Csl 7
CIRES Eric P. James Gsl 42
CIRES thomas B. henderson Gsl 6
CIRES Michael Fiorino Gsl 5
CIRES R patrick. hofmann Psl 1
CIRES brad E. beechler Other 1
CIRES steven A. lack Gsl 7
CIRES robert M. banta Psl 8
CIRES kevin brundage Gsl 5
CIRES Joan E. Hart Gsl 17
CIRES Rainer Bleck Gsl 13
CIRES Andrew R. jacobson Gml 1
CIRES Beth Russell Gsl 1
CIRES Tatiana (Tanya) R. Smirnova Gsl 33
CIRES Xiangbao Jing Gsl 2
CIRES Leon A. Benjamin Gsl 6
CIRES joseph H. golden Gsl 4
CIRES Paul J. Schultz Gsl 20
CIRES William R. Moninger Gsl 19
CIRES owen R. cooper Csl 1
CIRES Michael P. Kay Gsl 9
CIRES Chris Golden Gsl 2
CIRES Tracy L. Hansen Gsl 5
CIRES Ravan Ahmadov Gsl 36
CIRES Jeff Peischl Gsl 0
CIRES Thomas B. Ryerson Csl 0
CIRES Dale A. Lawrence Psl 0
CIRES Dominikus Heinzeller Gsl 4
CIRES Edward Hartnett Gsl 0
CIRES Eric Schnepp Gsl 0
CIRES Evan A. Kalina Gsl 13
CIRES Geary J. Layne Gsl 3
CIRES Gerard Ketefian Gsl 0
CIRES Gopakumar Padmanabhan Gsl 0
CIRES Guoqing Ge Gsl 4
CIRES Haiqin Li Gsl 7
CIRES Hilary Peddicord Gsl 0
CIRES Ian McGinnis Gsl 0
CIRES Jason M. English Gsl 12
CIRES Jaymes S. Kenyon Gsl 26
CIRES Jeffrey Hamilton Gsl 3
CIRES Jeffrey D. Duda Gsl 3
CIRES Jonathan Joyce Gsl 0
CIRES Jordan Schnell Gsl 6
CIRES Li (Kate) Zhang Gsl 9
CIRES Laura D. Melling Gsl 1
CIRES Lynd Stringer Gsl 1
CIRES Man Zhang Gsl 3
CIRES Michael Leon Gsl 1
CIRES Michael Rabellino Gsl 1
CIRES Michael D. Toy Gsl 2
CIRES Molly B. Smith Gsl 2
CIRES Phyllis Gunn Gsl 0
CIRES Raffaele Montuoro Gsl 3
CIRES Ruifang Li Gsl 4
CIRES Samuel Trahan Gsl 3
CIRES Suneng Zhuo Gsl 0
CIRES Susan Cobb Gsl 0
CIRES Sylvia Murphy Gsl 0
CIRES Wen-Wei (Tony) Liao Gsl 2
CIRES Valery Yudin Gsl 0
CIRES Benjamin W. Green Gsl 11
CIRES Ben Koziol Gsl 0
CIRES Bo Huang Gsl 1
CIRES Vada Dreisbach Gsl 0
CIRES Chunhua Zhou Gsl 0
CIRES Craig Hartsough Gsl 0
CIRES Robert Weingruber Gsl 0
CIRES Daniel Rosen Gsl 0
CIRES Hannah Barnes Gsl 2
CIRES Wei Yu Gsl 0
CIRES Siwei He Gsl 6
CIRES Linlin Pan Gsl 2
CIRES Alexander Kirst Gsl 0
CIRES Jennifer Henderson Gsl 1
CIRES Hongli Wang Gsl 18
CIRES Daniel Abdi Gsl 0
CIRES Christina E. Kumler Gsl 5
CIRES Christina Holt Gsl 4
CIRES Xia Sun Gsl 5
CIRES Craig Hoffman Gsl 0
CIRES Johana Romero-Alvarez Gsl 1
CIRES David W. Reynolds Psl 2
CIRES Paul E. Johnston Psl 1
CIRES timothy Coleman Psl 1
CIRES Joseph Sedlar Gml 5
CIRES Laura D. Riihimaki Gml 1
CIRES Yelena L. Pichugina Psl 8
CIRES Laura Bianco Psl 5
CIRES Sunil Baidar Csl 6
CIRES Brandi J. McCarty Csl 2
CIRES Rochelle Worsnop Psl 1
CIRES Temple R. Lee Gsl 2
CIRES Karl Froyd Csl 0
CIRES Gijs de Boer Psl 3
CIRES Wayne M. Angevine Csl 3
CIRES Jake J. Gristey Csl 1
CIRES Ian Glenn Csl 1
CIRES Evelyn D. Grell Psl 1
CIRES Stephen G. Penny Psl 1
CIRES Irina V. Djalalova Other noaa 5
CIRES Yonggang Yu Gsl 2
CIRES M. Soner Yorgun Gsl 1
CIRES Maximilian Maahn Other noaa 1
CIRES Bianca Adler Other noaa 4
CIRES Elena Akish Other noaa 1
CIRES Ryann A. Wakefield Gsl 2
CIRES Randall M. Dole Other noaa 1
CIRES Sergey Y. Matrosov Other noaa 1
CIRES Brian C. McDonald Other noaa 1
CIRES Megan M. Bela Other noaa 2
CIRES Jan Kazil Other noaa 1
CIRES James B. Duncan None 1
CIRES Naomi Maruyama Other noaa 1
CIRES Laura C. Slivinski Other noaa 1
CIRES Chelsea E. Stockwell None 1
CIRES Ludovic Bariteau Other noaa 1
CIRES Michael R. Gallagher Other noaa 1
CIRES Timothy A. Myers None 1
CIRES Sergio Pezoa Other noaa 1
CIRES Matthew Schupe None 1
CIRES Kelly Balmes Other noaa 1
CIRES Jacob Radford None 1