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Records Found: 589

Affiliation Name Partner Publications
Other paul madden Other 2
Other edward tollerud Other 22
Other timothy P. brown Gsl 7
Other chungu lu Other 21
Other lynn sherretz Other 3
Other Huiling Yuan None 9
Other Shaowu Bao Gsl 8
Other Gary A. Wick Other noaa 5
Other steve C. albers Other 12
Other ed westwater Other 2
Other Sean Madine Gsl 7
Other Steven E. Peckham Gsl 22
Other carsten warneke Other 1
Other sher schranz Other 2
Other ilan koren Other 1
Other pengyuan li Other 1
Other Brian P. Pettegrew Gsl 3
Other linda wharton Other 3
Other jin kim Other 1
Other john mcginley Other 26
Other hailong wang Other 1
Other brian motta Other 2
Other michael F. barth Other 9
Other craig tierney Other 1
Other tomislava vukicevic Aoml 1
Other dong li Other 2
Other Andrew F. Loughe Gsl 10
Other barry schwartz Other 8
Other christopher J. anderson Other 3
Other sara summers Other 2
Other chris macdermaid Other 1
Other diana L. bartels Nssl 1
Other james meagher Other 1
Other valery zavorotny Other 1
Other fanthune moeng Other 4
Other susan williams Other 3
Other daniel schaffer Other 4
Other nikki prive Other 2
Other joseph wakefield Other 2
Other mike romberg Other 2
Other dongsoo kim Other 1
Other samuel oltmans Other 1
Other Changhyoun Park Other 1
Other Christoph Gerbig Other 0
Other Sally Newman Other 0
Other Sha Feng Other 0
Other Kevin R. Gurney Gsl 0
Other Gregory R. Carmichael Other 1
Other Soon-Young Park Other 0
Other Hwa-Woon Lee Other 0
Other Mike L. Goulden Gsl 0
Other Jochen Stutz Other 0
Other Mark Ivey Other 0
Other Beat Schmid Other 0
Other Darielle N. Dexheimer Other 0
Other John M. Hubbe Other 0
Other Albert O. Bendure Other 0
Other Jasper (Joe) Hardesty Other 0
Other James Rosinski Gsl 4
Other Julie Schramm None 1
Other Philip A. McDonald Gsl 1
Other Reiva Pana Gsl 0
Other Pana Reiva Gsl 0
Other Gilbert Brunet Other 1
Other Peter Lynch Other 1
Other Kazuo Saito Other 1
Other Michael L. Anderson Other 1
Other Arthur Hinojosa Other 1
Other Daniel R. Cayan Other 1
Other Robert K. Hartman None 1
Other Frank Gehrke Other 1
Other Chris Walls Other 1
Other Doerte Mann Other 1
Other Francesc Rocadenbosch None 3
Other Robin L. Tanamachi Other 4
Other Marcos P. Araujo da Silva Other 2
Other Joan Villalonga Other 2
Other Stephen J. Frasier Other 2
Other Susan L. Beveridge Other 1
Other Robert S. Arthur Other 1
Other Katherine A. Lundquist Other 1
Other Brian J. Carroll Other 3
Other Belay B. Demoz Other 2
Other Ruben Delgado Other 1
Other Jun A. Zhang Aoml 3
Other Cecile B. Menard Other 1
Other Richard Essery Other 1
Other Gerhard Krinner None 1
Other Gabriele Arduini Other 0
Other Paul Bartlett Other 0
Other Aaron Boone Other 0
Other Claire Brutel-Vuilmet Other 0
Other Eleanor Burke Other 0
Other Matthias Cuntz Other 0
Other Yongjiu Dai Other 1
Other Bertrand Decharme Other 0
Other Emanuel Dutra Other 0
Other Xing Fang Other 0
Other Charles Fierz Other 0
Other Yeugeniy Gusev Other 0
Other Stefan Hagemann Other 0
Other Vanessa Haverd Other 0
Other Hyungjun Kim Other 0
Other Matthieu Lafaysse Other 0
Other Thomas Marke Other 0
Other Olga Nasonova Other 0
Other Tomoko Nitta Other 0
Other Masashi Niwano Other 0
Other John W. Pomeroy Other 0
Other Gerd Schädler Other 0
Other Vladimir A. Semenov Other 0
Other Ulrich Strasser Other 0
Other Dmitry V. Turkov Other 0
Other Nander Wever Other 0
Other Hua Yuan Other 0
Other Ron L. Miller Other 1
Other Gavin A. Schmidt Other 0
Other Larissa S. Nazarenko Other 1
Other Susanne E. Bauer Other 0
Other Maxwell Kelley Other 1
Other Reto A. Ruedy Other 0
Other Gary L. Russell Other 0
Other Andrew S. Ackerman Other 0
Other Igor Aleinov Other 0
Other Michael Bauer Other 0
Other Vittorio Canuto Other 0
Other Grégory Cesana Other 0
Other Ye Cheng Other 0
Other Thomas L. Clune Other 1
Other Scott Gregory Other 1
Other Malaquías Peña Other 2
Other Sai Ravela Other 1
Other Ben I. Cook Other 0
Other Carlos A. Cruz Other 0
Other Anthony D. Del Genio Other 0
Other Gregory S. Elsaesser Other 0
Other Gregory S. Faluvegi Other 0
Other Nancy Y. Kiang Other 0
Other Daehyun Kim Other 0
Other Andrew A. Lacis Other 0
Other Anthony Leboissetier Other 0
Other Allegra N. LeGrande Other 0
Other Ken K. Lo Other 0
Other John C. Marshall Other 0
Other Elaine E. Matthews Other 0
Other Sonali McDermid Other 0
Other Keren Mezuman Other 0
Other Lee T. Murray Other 0
Other Valdar Oinas Other 0
Other Clara Orbe Other 0
Other Carlos P. García‐Pando Other 0
Other Jan P. Perlwitz Other 0
Other Michael J. Puma Other 0
Other David Rind Other 0
Other Anastasia Romanou Other 0
Other Drew T. Shindell Other 0
Other Nick Tausnev Other 0
Other Kostas Tsigaridis Other 0
Other George Tselioudis Other 0
Other Ensheng Weng Other 0
Other Jingbo Wu Other 0
Other Mao‐Sung Yao Other 0
Other Ulrich Löhnert Other 1
Other Caroline Draxl Other 3
Other Sonia Wharton Other 2
Other Larry K. Berg Pnnl 7
Other Harindra J S Fernando None 4
Other Raj K. Rai Pnnl 1
Other Billy Roberts Other 1
Other Justin Sharp Other 2
Other William J. Shaw Pnnl 4
Other Mark T. Stoelinga Other 3
Other Julie K. Lundquist Other 2
Other Haipeng Lin Other 1
Other Daniel J. Jacob Other 1
Other Elizabeth W. Lundgren Other 1
Other Melissa P. Sulprizio Other 1
Other Christoph A. Keller Other 1
Other Thibaud M. Fritz Other 1
Other Sebastian D. Eastham Other 1
Other Patrick C. Campbell Other 2
Other Barry Baker Other 3
Other Rick D. Saylor Other 2
Other Svetla M. Hristova-Veleva Other 1
Other Brian J. Butterworth Other 1
Other Ankur R. Desai Other 0
Other Stefan Metzger Other 0
Other Philip A. Townsend Other 0
Other Mark D. Schwartz Other 0
Other Grant W. Petty Other 0
Other Matthias R. Mauder Other 0
Other Hannes Vogelmann Other 0
Other Christian G. Andresen Other 0
Other Travis J. Augustine Other 0
Other Timothy H. Bertram Other 0
Other William OJ. Brown Other 0
Other Michael Buban Other 0
Other Patricia Cleary Other 0
Other David J. Durden Other 0
Other Christopher R. Florian Other 0
Other Trevor J. Iglinski Other 0
Other Eric L. Kruger Other 0
Other James K. Mineau Other 0
Other Erik R. Olson Other 0
Other Sreenath Paleri Other 0
Other Rosalyn A. Pertzborn Other 0
Other Claire Pettersen Other 1
Other David M. Plummer Other 0
Other Eliceo Ruiz. Guzman Other 0
Other Johannes Speidel Other 0
Other Paul C. Stoy Other 0
Other Matthias Sühring Other 0
Other Jonathan E. Thom Other 0
Other Michael P. Vermeuel Other 0
Other Timothy J. Wagner Other 3
Other Zhien Wang Other 0
Other Luise Wanner Other 0
Other Loren D. White Other 0
Other Daniel B. Wright Other 0
Other Ting Zheng Other 0
Other Ye Liu Pnnl 0
Other Ben Yang Other 1
Other Yun Qian Pnnl 0
Other Raghavendra Krishnamurthy Pnnl 1
Other Lindsay M. Sheridan Pnnl 0
Other P Peggy. Li Other 0
Other Brian Knosp Other 0
Other Quoc Vu Other 0
Other F. Joseph. Turk Other 0
Other William L. Poulsen Other 0
Other Ziad Haddad Other 0
Other Bjorn Lambrigtsen Other 0
Other Bryan W. Stiles Other 0
Other Tsae-Pyng Shen Other 0
Other Noppasin Niamsuwan Other 0
Other Simone Tanelli Other 0
Other Ousmane Sy Other 0
Other Eun-Kyoung Seo Other 0
Other Hui Su Other 0
Other Deborah G. Vane Other 0
Other Yi Chao Other 0
Other Philip S. Callahan Other 0
Other R. Scott. Dunbar Other 0
Other Michael Montgomery Other 0
Other Mark Boothe Other 0
Other Anthony J. Wimmers Other 0
Other Robert Holz Other 0
Other Jeffrey S. Reid Other 0
Other Saiprasanth Bhalachandran Other 0
Other Hua Leighton Aoml 0
Other Andres Navarro Other 0
Other Francisco J. Tapiador Other 0
Other Matthew T. Bray Other 1
Other Georgiy Stenchikov Other 1
Other Alexander Ukhov Other 2
Other Sergey Osipov Other 1
Other Karen Cady-Pereira Other 1
Other Eli Mlawer None 2
Other Yu-Ju Lee Gsl 3
Other David Hall Other 4
Other Sarah M. Borg Other 1
Other Steven M. Cavallo Other 1
Other Xinxin Ye Other 2
Other Pargoal Arab Other 1
Other Bradley Pierce Other 1
Other Aditya Kumar Other 2
Other Paul Makar Other 1
Other Jack Chen Other 1
Other Didier Davignon Other 1
Other Gonzalo A. Ferrada Other 1
Other Jianping Huang Other 1
Other Farren L. Herron-Thorpe Other 1
Other Mark Parrington Other 1
Other Richard J. Engelen Other 1
Other Vincent-Henri Peuch Other 1
Other Amber Soja Other 2
Other Emily Gargulinski Other 2
Other Elizabeth Wiggins Other 1
Other Johnathan W. Hair Other 2
Other Marta A. Fenn Other 2
Other Taylor Shingler Other 2
Other Pablo E. Saide Other 2
Other Francis Giraldo Other 1
Other David McCarren Other 1
Other John Michalakes Ucar 1
Other Scott Sandgathe Other 1
Other Timothy R. Whitcomb Other 1
Other Peng Xian Other 0
Other Aditya Choukulkar Other 2
Other Raghu Krishnamurthy Other 1
Other Jung-Hoon Kim Other 2
Other Amy McGovern Other 2
Other Jason Hickey Other 1
Other Hung-Lung Allen. Huang Other 1
Other John K. Williams Other 1
Other Kayo Ide Other 1
Other Philippe Tissot Other 1
Other Alan J. Geer Ecmwf 1
Other Eric S. Maddy Nesdis 1
Other Ross N. Hoffman Nesdis 1
Other Rob K. Newsom Pnnl 2
Other Heng Xiao Pnnl 1
Other Po-Lun Ma Pnnl 1
Other Yaodeng Chen Other 2
Other Kuiming Fang Other 0
Other Min Chen Other 0
Other Aaron J. Hill None 1
Other Christopher C. Weiss None 2
Other Burkely T. Gallo Other noaa 2
Other Saulo R. Freitas None 6
Other Melanie S. Hammer None 1
Other Ayumi Fujisaki-Manome Other noaa 2
Other Jianhao Zhang None 1
Other Li Zhang None 3
Other Xiaoyan Zhang None 1
Other Kefeng Zhu None 2
Other Youhua Tang Other noaa 2
Other David M. Loveless None 2
Other Christopher M. Gitro None 2
Other Janice L. Bytheway None 3
Other Yujie Pan None 1
Other Gabriele G. Pfister None 1
Other Tao Sun None 1
Other Alessandra Balzarini None 1
Other James McCalley None 1
Other Samuel K. Degelia None 1
Other Brett Roberts None 1
Other Michael J. Mueller Other noaa 3
Other Joseph J. Cione Other noaa 2
Other William J. Merryfield None 1
Other Weizhong Zheng Other noaa 1
Other Jie Feng None 5
Other Wei-Ting Hung None 1
Other Andrew C. Kren Other noaa 3
Other Katherine E. McKeown None 1
Other Babak Tehranirad None 1
Other Annelize van Niekerk None 1
Other Robinson Wallace None 2
Other Jiaying Zhang None 1
Other Quan Liu None 1
Other Ming-Chun Huang None 1
Other Kristofer S. Tuftedal None 1
Other Alexander W. Abboud None 1
Other Sina Berger None 1
Other W. Greg. Blumberg None 2
Other Michael M. French None 2
Other Katja Friedrich None 1
Other William A. Gallus None 1
Other Kevin R. Haghi None 1
Other Marcus Hirtl None 1
Other Junjun Hu Other noaa 2
Other Thomas Jones None 3
Other Ju Hyoung. Lee None 1
Other Paul M. Markowski None 1
Other Mohammed K. Osman None 2
Other Corey K. Potvin None 2
Other Annick Pouquet None 2
Other Stephanie Redfern None 1
Other Young-Hee Ryu None 1
Other Paul Veers None 1
Other Małgorzata Werner None 1
Other Roya Bahreini None 1
Other Benjamin T. Blake None 3
Other Yingjian Chen None 1
Other Diarra Dieng None 1
Other Jonathan Edwards-Opperman None 1
Other Ariane Frassoni None 2
Other Daniel R. Feldman None 1
Other Alan M. Gorchov Negron None 1
Other Sean Colgan None 1
Other Coltin Grasmick None 1
Other Nils Gustafsson None 1
Other Stephanie A. Higgins None 1
Other John R. Lawson Other noaa 1
Other Weiwei Li None 2
Other Deming Meng None 1
Other Kyoung-Min Kim None 1
Other Taylor A. McCorkle None 1
Other Patrick S. Skinner Other noaa 3
Other Robert A. Stillwell None 1
Other Xiangjun Tian None 1
Other Claudia Timmreck None 1
Other Catalina Tsai None 1
Other Volker Wulfmeyer None 2
Other Elizabeth M. Argyle Other noaa 1
Other Yann Blanchard None 1
Other Howard B. Bluestein None 2
Other Maria P. Cadeddu None 3
Other Paul R. Field None 1
Other Meng Gao None 1
Other Sarah M. Griffin None 2
Other Christopher E. Holloway None 1
Other Adrien Lacour None 1
Other Wyndam R. Lewis None 1
Other Yunyao Li None 2
Other Jeffrey C. Mast None 1
Other David B. Parson None 1
Other Jordan G. Powers None 1
Other Xiaoguang Xu None 1
Other Huizhen Yu None 1
Other Brad Hartman None 2
Other Blake J. Allen Other noaa 1
Other Heather Guy None 3
Other Ivette H. Banos None 1
Other Cheng-Hsuan Lu None 1
Other Pin-Lun Li None 1
Other Cory T. Overton None 1
Other Jose M. Garrido-Perez None 1
Other Dmitri A. Kalashnikov None 1
Other Wei Li None 1
Other Jacob H. Segall None 1
Other Joseph A. Grim None 2
Other Joshua B. Wadler Other noaa 2
Other Fotini Katopodes Chow None 1
Other Alexander Baklanov None 2
Other P Tuccella None 1
Other Christopher TM. Clack Gsl 6
Other James Marquis None 1
Other Nikki C. Privé None 0
Other Laura D. Fowler None 2
Other Yi Wang None 1
Other Feng Gao None 1
Other Zengliang Zang None 1
Other Ling-Feng Hsiao None 1
Other Hui Shao None 1
Other Arlene Laing Gsl 2
Other Peiyuan Liu None 1
Other Marc Bocquet None 1
Other Richard M. Yablonsky None 1
Other Jérôme Lefèvre None 1
Other Noriaki Ohara None 1
Other Shih-Wei Wei None 1
Other Yu Zhang Gsl 1
Other Matthew C. Mahalik Other noaa 0
Other Michael Hewson None 1
Other P Marrapu None 1
Other Suryun Ham None 1
Other Dongmei Xu None 1
Other Qinyi Li None 1
Other Kai Wang None 1
Other Brian J. Etherton Gsl 2
Other Lidia Trailovic Gsl 2
Other Roberto Buizza None 1
Other Jian-Bin Wu None 1
Other Marvin A. Geller None 1
Other Travis M. Smith Other noaa 1
Other Angelyn W. Moore None 1
Other Gokhan Danabasoglu None 1
Other Eduardo FP. da Luz None 1
Other Sharanya J. Majumdar None 1
Other Andrew F. Roberts None 1
Other Anthony P. Craig Gsl 1
Other William J. Blackwell None 1
Other Sven-Erik Gryning None 1
Other Janin Guzman-Morales None 1
Other Rocio Baró None 1
Other Roberto San José None 1
Other Guirong Xu None 1
Other C. Adam Schlosser None 1
Other Nusrat Yussouf Other noaa 1
Other Silvio N. Figueroa None 1
Other David K. Adams None 1
Other Gerhard Theurich None 1
Other Benjamin Kravitz Other noaa 1
Other Branden Katona None 1
Other Morris L. Weisman None 1
Other Yolande L. Serra None 1
Other Andrew G. Slater None 1
Other Vasubandhu Misra None 1
Other Kevin E. Trenberth None 1
Other Randolph H. Ware None 1
Other Domenico Cimini None 1
Other Feiyan Guo None 1
Other Danny Sims None 1
Other Estel Cardellach None 1
Other Florian Späth None 1
Other Lei Liu None 1
Other Sophie Giffard-Roisin None 1
Other Arlene M. Fiore None 1
Other Hui-Ling Chang None 1
Other Hwayoung Jeon None 2
Other Jialin Lin None 2
Other Shima Bahramvash Shams None 1
Other Matthew Klema None 1
Other G Aaron. Alexander None 1
Other Janaina P. Nascimento Other noaa 1
Other Chuxuan Li None 1
Other Gianluca Di Natale None 1
Other Joseph James None 1
Other Jongjin Seo None 1
Other Mithu Debnath Gsl 1
Other Georgios Deskos Gsl 1
Other Virendra Ghate Gsl 2
Other Charlotte Hasager Gsl 1
Other Rao Kotamarthi Gsl 1
Other Jeffrey Mirocha None 1
Other Paytsar Muradyan None 1
Other William Pringle None 1
Other Partha Bhattacharjee Other noaa 1
Other Allison T. LaFleur Gsl 1
Other Daniel T. Dawson Other noaa 1
Other Michael Ek Other noaa 0
Other Ronald D. Leeper Other noaa 1
Other Tim Wilson Other noaa 1
Other Howard J. Diamond Other noaa 1
Other Tilden p. Meyers Other noaa 2
Other Christopher J. Cox Gsl 2
Other Janet M. Intrieri Other noaa 1
Other Ian M. Brooks None 1
Other Penny Rowe None 1
Other Von P. Walden None 1
Other Ryan R. Neely None 1
Other Christopher Cox Other noaa 0
Other Daniel E. Horton None 2
Other Anastasia Montgomery None 1
Other Zachariah Adelman None 1
Other Mark Janssen None 1
Other Barbara Brown None 1
Other T Rosenberger None 0
Other Eric Gilleland None 1
Other Domingo Muñoz-Esparza None 1
Other E. J. Strobach Other noaa 2
Other Eric Sinsky Other noaa 1
Other Christopher J. Senff Other noaa 1
Other Raul J. Alvarez II Other noaa 1
Other Ken C. Aikin Other noaa 1
Other Steven S. Brown Other noaa 1
Other Michael L. Zucker Other noaa 1
Other Dereka Carroll-Smith None 1
Other Roger Edwards Other noaa 1
Other Lanqiang Bai None 1
Other A.J. Litta None 1
Other Xianxiang Huang None 1
Other Lauren Pattie None 1
Other Scott Overpeck Other noaa 1
Other Eugene W. McCaul None 1
Other David S. Nolan None 1
Other Lynn K. Shay None 1
Other Raffaele Marino None 1
Other Pablo Mininni None 1
Other Lisa Darby None 0
Other Justin Sharp None 1
Other Mark Stoelinga None 0
Other Harinda Fernando None 0
Other Daniel Tong None 1
Other Siqi Ma None 1
Other Mikhail Sofiev None 1
Other Xiaoyang Zhang None 1
Other Ralph Kahn None 1
Other Youhua Tang None 1
Other Fangjun Li None 1
Other Jidong Gao Other noaa 1
Other Jessalyn Ayars None 1
Other Gary Lackmann None 1
Other Gregory Thompson None 1
Other Kyoko Ikeda None 1
Other Sarah Tessendorf None 1
Other Courtney Weeks None 1
Other Mei Xu None 1
Other Scott Landolt None 1
Other Alexei Korolev None 1
Other Mengistu Wolde None 1
Other Stephanie DiVito None 1
Other Aaron Johnson None 1
Other Xuguang Wang None 1
Other Eric Rogers None 1
Other Yunheng Wang None 1
Other Noam Rosenthal Other noaa 1
Other Tarik Benmarhnia Other noaa 1
Other Miriam Marlier None 2
Other Laura Thapa None 1
Other Xinxin Ye Other noaa 0
Other Johnathan W. Hair Other noaa 0
Other Taylor Shingler None 0
Other Charles Ichoku None 1
Other RoseAnne Dominguez None 1
Other Luke Ellison None 1
Other Gabriel Pereira None 1
Other Katherine Brenner None 1
Other Jia Coco Liu None 1
Other Loretta Mickley None 1
Other Sierra Raby None 1
Other Heather Riden None 1
Other Lulin Xue None 1
Other Laura Fowler None 0
Other Courtney Peverly None 1
Other Ming Xue None 1
Other Joseph Grim None 0
Other James Pinto None 1